Fiber Optic Face Plates

A fiber optic face plate (FOFP) is a coherent multi-fiber plate, which acts as a zero-depth window, transferring an image pixel by pixel (fiber by fiber) from one face of the plate to the other. Faceplates are often found in high-end imaging applications bonded to CCD's, voltage stand-off devices in electron microscopes and cathode ray tubes, and as substrates for phosphors.

FOFP's are usually created as fiberoptic blocks (also called boules), which are fused under heat and pressure. Plates are sliced from the boule, then ground and polished to the desired size. These can be as large as 355mm (14") square or as small as a few hundred microns across, with thicknesses ranging from more than 100mm down to a practical limit of 50 - 100Ám. In addition, the polished faces of an FOFP can be shaped and/or optically coated if required.




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