The following article has been provided by author Matthew Begley as an example of a novel application of etchable collimated hole structures, used in this case to create thin polymer membranes:

Collimated Holes Structure Application (ppt. 2.9Mb)

The following paper authored by Clifford Bueno, Richard L. Rairden, and Robert A. Betz discusses the design, fabrication, and testing of hybrid scintillators for x-ray imaging using commercial phosphor screens and high-resolution scintillating fiber-optic faceplates:

Hybrid Scintillators for X-Ray Imaging (pdf. 1Mb)

The following paper by Clifford Bueno compares the X-ray absorption, light output, and afterglow of polycrystalline screens to two types of scintillating fiber-optic faceplates:

New Luminescent Glasses and Fiber Optic Scintillators for use in X-ray Imaging (pdf. 200Kb)



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