Collimated Holes, Inc. ("CHI") designs and manufactures fiber optic components, sub-assemblies, and integrated imaging systems. Established in 1975, CHI has become well recognized for providing innovative solutions to difficult imaging and illumination problems.

CHI's fibers are optimized for optical transmission from the near-UV into the IR. Our fiber optic components and sub-assemblies are found in medical, scientific, industrial, aerospace and instrumentation applications throughout the world. CHI is privileged to work with a wide variety of customers, including companies in the Fortune 100, the semiconductor, biotech, and other industries, as well as independent R&D groups, academic institutions, small ventures, and start-up companies.

Typically, CHI's solutions are custom in nature. We work collaboratively with clients to create the best possible solution, without the pressure to sell off-the-shelf, standard products that "almost" work perfectly. In fact, other than data sheets for particular high-use items, CHI does not offer a catalog of "standard" products.

CHI manufactures its own fibers. Starting with pre-forms, the glass is drawn using one of our seven drawing towers. Producing fibers internally provides two key benefits - tighter quality assurance, and the ability to create custom glass combinations to address unique problems.

In addition to offering our core fiber optic capabilities, CHI also seeks opportunities which build upon certain elements of our glass technology. We manufacture precision transparent sieves for particle filtration, micro-lenses for medical and other types of imaging, and bulk glass plates (non-fiber optic, made from our own patented scintillating glass) for x-ray detection. CHI also offers sophisticated grinding and polishing, and precision glass finishing. An associated company offers precision bonding of our fiber optics to CCD's. Working closely with long-term suppliers, CHI is capable of selecting and providing a variety of optical coatings on fiber optic substrates, including dichroics.

CHI currently employs approximately twenty people. Our sales derive mainly from industry-related trade shows, word-of-mouth, and response to direct inquiries made by potential customers. CHI is located at the western edge of Silicon Valley, in Campbell, Ca. Our plant is easily accessible from the San Jose airport, 15 minutes away, or from the Oakland and San Francisco airports, each approximately 45-60 minutes away.(directions)

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