Design & Engineering Services

Collimated Holes Inc. has assisted its customers with design and engineering services for more than thirty years. CHI has helped solve a wide variety of optical design problems: we have provided imaging optics for the Cassini probe (NASA), sophisticated illumination systems for endoscope manufacturers, scintillating fiber optic x-ray detectors for inspecting rocket engines, and a multitude of other fiber optic solutions for complex applications.

CHI's embrace of custom design and engineering means that we are not constrained by off-the-shelf inventory items -- we specialize in envisioning and developing the best solution for the application, whether currently existing components can provide a solution or not. Generally, we begin with an analysis of the customer's requirements in order to create a product proposal that reflects the performance requirements of the end device and satisfies the economic constraints. Our engineers are not limited to designing only fiber optic components -- they are also adept at creating complete subassemblies (including housings, connectors, etc.) and fully integrated imaging systems.

CHI's Design & Engineering services can be handled on a time and materials basis, or by fixed contract. In either case, our proposal will clearly state the scope of services to be performed, identify the NRE, and spell out the time line for completion. CHI welcomes the opportunity to assess your requirements. We are successful in bringing about a novel solution more than 90% of the time.


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